Os seguintes filmes têm personagens vegetarianos:

Vamos Nessa – Go
Sem Limites – Trainspotting
A Qualquer Preço – A Civil Action
Parque dos Dinossauros – Jurassic Park
Green Card – Green Card
Um Grande Garoto – About a Boy
Um Conto Americano – An American Tail
Um Conto Americano – Fievel Vai Para O Oeste – An American Tail: Fievel Goes West
Animal – The Animal
Babe: Um Porquinho na Cidade – Babe: Pig in the City
Garçonetes de Biquíni – Bikini Bistro
Os Irmãos McMullen – The Brothers McMullen
Buddy Boy
Burn, Hollywood, Burn – Burn, Hollywood, Burn
Citizen Ruth –
Citizen Ruth
Matadouro – Slaugherhouse
A Qualquer Preço – A Civil Action
The Contender – The Contender
Morra, Smoochy, MorraDeath to Smoochy
Die, Die My Darling
Doc Hollywood
The Doors
Face Off
Friday the 13th
Gosford Park
The Great Bamboosical
Green Card
High Fidelity
The Horse Whisperer
The Howling
The Ketchup Vampires
The Ketchup Vampires II
Ice Age
Igby Goes Down
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Island of Dr. Moreau
Maybe Baby
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
My Favorite Wife
The Night We Never Met
Notting Hill
Nuts in May
Pulp Fiction
The Remains of the Day
The Road to Wellville
Scooby Doo
The Seven Year Itch
Shirley Valentine
Shooting Vegetarians
Short Cinema Journal 1:9
Sink or Swim
Star Trek series (somewhere in there)
Sweet November
Three Businessmen
Toil and Trouble with Fries on the Side
Troll 2
The Van

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